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Louisville Music Community's Journal
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Date:2010-10-15 16:25
Subject:Volunteers Needed!!!!
Mood: busy

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Love Your Guts!
A Concert for Crohn's and Colitis Awareness
Sunday October 17th
Molly Malone's St. Matthews
Live Music from Local Bands
$5 donation at the door
Raffle Prizes
Silent Auctions
Get your commemorative "Love Your Guts" T-shirt
15% of proceeds go to CCFA

We are in desperate need of volunteers for that night to collect donations. So please
contact Jenny @ 646-623-2620 (cell) or by email jsilberisen@ccfa.org ASAP if you are able to help out!!!!

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Date:2010-10-08 15:05
Subject:Love Your Guts!
Mood: hopeful

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Love Your Guts!
Who: Everyone!
What: Love Your Guts! A Concert for Crohn's and Colitis Awareness
When: Sunday, October 16th, 2010 from 6pm to 9pm
Where: Molly Malone's in St. Matthews (3900 Shelbyville Rd)
Why: Because it's more fun than a colonoscopy!

Live Music from Local Bands
$5 donation at the door
Raffle Prizes
Silent Auctions
Get your commemorative "Love Your Guts" T-shirt 15% of proceeds go to CCFA

For more information please contact Jenny Silberisen at jsilberisen@ccfa.org

Please Note:
We are still looking for all kinds of donations for the raffle and silent auctions. So if you, or someone you know, has an item or gift certificate they are willing to donate, please let me know! For more information on the CCFA - www.ccfa.org

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Date:2010-06-01 19:16
Subject:Looking for Musicians.

 Hey, my friend and I have just recently started getting together and talking about forming a band. We're looking for some people to join. We live in Louisville, and we don't need any vocals. We both play piano, and I'm learning guitar currently. We'd like to find a bass player, drums, and another guitar. We'd prefer between the ages of 14 and 18, please. If you'd like to know more comment.


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Date:2010-04-28 15:33
Subject:Jack Riot (24.04.2010 live in Saint-Petersburg, Arctica club)

другие видео с концертаCollapse )

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Date:2009-08-19 15:02
Subject:This Saturday..

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Date:2009-08-10 14:47
Subject:Jack Riot – Come and Love Me (New song) free mp3

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Date:2009-07-02 15:35
Subject:Old Man | Deer Meet | Patrick Cornell at DCE 3 July

Old Man at DCE 20090703</a>

Old Man
Deer Meet
Patrick Cornell
w/ art by Jimmy Angelina

Derby City Espresso
331 E Market St
Art Opening at 6:00
Music at 8:30


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Date:2009-06-26 05:50

come hang out.

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Date:2009-04-20 06:39
Subject:The Olympia Three & The Parade Schedule

Dunkenstein Records
The Olympia Three
The Parade Schedule

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Date:2009-04-11 11:00
Subject:Chris Adler meet n' greet

Moms Music
1900 Mellwood Avenue
Louisville Ky
Phone 502.897.3304

Right next door to the awesome Mellwood Arts center, so go see Bodies In Motion after you meet Chris! Plenty of parking!

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Date:2009-03-23 12:27
Subject:Rock For MS!

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Date:2009-03-12 09:30

Brian Omer is a guitar teacher at Mom's Music in Louisville Kentucky and has played in many bands around Louisville such as The Stonecutters, My Own Victim and Crazy Train.

He will be holding a guitar clinic at the Moms Music Jeffersonville Location covering the intricate guitar styles of both Randy Rhoads and Tony Iommi.

Clinic fee will include a booklet of transcriptions and lessons.

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Date:2009-03-09 19:59
Subject:Practice space desired...

Does anyone have any leads on secure music rehearsal spaces in town?
I don't require anything huge.
24 hour access an on site bathroom is a plus but not a requirement if the space is awesome.

I have checked Craigslist and did not find anything. I have posted a wanted ad there as well.
I don't mind sharing with another band/musician as long as the person(s) is respectable and it's a non-smoking space.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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Date:2009-03-02 12:09
Subject:My article from examiner.com on some musicians in Louisville!


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Date:2009-02-07 13:24
Subject:out now on ITUNES


Thaniel Ion Lee - Forever - Single

thaniel ion lee - forever

forever is a two track mp3 single by thaniel ion lee. in this single he explores his love for industrial music, minimalist techno, and noise.

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Date:2009-01-19 20:36
Subject:YARD SALE AT BBC 4th Street - TUES NIGHT!






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Date:2008-12-13 13:34
Subject:WonkaStar Presents Jan. 10th @ Bulldog Cafe!!!!

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Date:2008-11-25 09:26
Subject:cymbals for sale...

I have the following Zildjian cymbals that I've been holding on to for the past couple years that I NEVER use.

14" Zildjian A Custom Hi-Hats, top and bottom. Played live twice. Perfect shape aside from fingerprints.

15" Zildjian A Thin Crash, this is an older cymbal. Never cleaned but no green or black spots. No cracks, keyholes or dents. Not warped.

16" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash, this is brand new. I cracked it and sent it back to Zildjian under warranty replacement, brand new. NEVER PLAYED.

16" A Rock Crash, looking over this cymbal just now it has a tiny (16th of an inch or so) hairline crack from the edge.

16" Zildjian A Thin Crash, this is an older cymbal but no problems. Never been cleaned aside from dusted.

16" Zildjian A, I bought this cymbal from a man who was selling all of his son's stuff after he left for college. There is no text on this cymbal aside from the Zildjian engraving. It's 16" but it's heavy like it would be a ride. I have played this once and never touched it again.

I would like $550 cash for all of these. Willing to separate but would prefer to sell them as a lot.

I am downtown.

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Date:2008-10-30 09:20

Here is an open mic opportunity and another chance for you to get use out of that Halloween costume:

For our Halloween open mic this Thursday, October 30th we are throwing a costume party type event. The theme is "We All Wear Masks". Although you may read/play anything that you like, participants are encouraged to "wear a mask" with their poems and lyrics by reading poems by a narrator that is not the poet/songwriter themselves. You can read first-person narratives from the point of view of Mickey Mouse, a Toaster, your favorite pet, James Bond, or any other character known or that you have made up. If you can dress up for it on Halloween (or even if you can't) you can read/play it. There will also be treats available and small door prizes for costumes/poetry/songs/or pure randomness. Come on out and share your work. If you are shy you can wear a real mask, as costumes are highly encouraged!

We All Wear Masks Poetry/Music Open Mic
Thursday, October 30, 2008, 7-8:30PM
Perkfection Cafe
359 Spring Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47130
For directions and/or questions, email info@syzygypoets.com or call Ian at 812-360-5054.

Also, don't forget that this Friday is our online radio show Poet's Bistro from 12:30-1:30PM. Grab your lunch then call in to share your poems, or read your favorite from another writer. This open mic will be the same theme, but any poetry is encouraged (with the exclusion of hate-speech). You can find the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/poetsbistro.

Thank you all, and I look forward to hearing your poetry and music.


Ian Uriel Girdley

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Date:2008-10-30 08:00
Subject:Moms Music Store blog..

I started a blog for Mom's Music.
The writing on the page pertains only to the Louisville store.
The main focus of the blog is the education program at the store, private lessons, Rock School, and the Weekend Warrior Program.
If you have a family member that takes lessons at the store the blog will be a great family friendly public site for almost daily updates of all things related to the education program.

In the blog you'll find...

-Teacher Profiles with extensive information on the teaching staff including teaching methods, musical history of that particular instructor, formal music education information, and a list of materials (books and such) that they use in their cirriculum. I throw in a photo and an "odd fact" and write in my own style so it's personal and not like a goofy press release.

-Information about store hours, store closings, holidays, and special events like clinics and closed door sales. (Note: These posting will not consist merely of a sales flier.)

-Reviews by sales staff and customers of new products we begin carrying.

-Notices when stock becomes available, all the drummers can look forward to the "We got our drum head shipment in!" posts! :) As well as notices about cool consignments and things we are going to be throwing up on e bay.

-I'll cover bands that are recording in our recording studio and let you know where you can pick up the finished product if you're interested.

So basically, the main focus of the blog is the education department but it's also a realistic look into working at a small locally owned musical instrument store, with lots of photos, short stories in the "day in the life of..." vein, and important information for people that frequent the shop as well as prospective students that want to see what it's really like before they sign up.

Although the store has a web site and the drum shop has a My Space page I felt that people, especially parents of students, needed a truly family friendly web space to find frequently updated and more PERSONAL information to help foster the feeling of the store as a community and not just another retail center.

If you'd like to check it out, or follow the blog, or give me suggestions please do so. You can find the blog at the following web address...


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