They're coming to get you Barbara.... (eller) wrote in louisvillemusic,
They're coming to get you Barbara....

cymbals for sale...

I have the following Zildjian cymbals that I've been holding on to for the past couple years that I NEVER use.

14" Zildjian A Custom Hi-Hats, top and bottom. Played live twice. Perfect shape aside from fingerprints.

15" Zildjian A Thin Crash, this is an older cymbal. Never cleaned but no green or black spots. No cracks, keyholes or dents. Not warped.

16" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash, this is brand new. I cracked it and sent it back to Zildjian under warranty replacement, brand new. NEVER PLAYED.

16" A Rock Crash, looking over this cymbal just now it has a tiny (16th of an inch or so) hairline crack from the edge.

16" Zildjian A Thin Crash, this is an older cymbal but no problems. Never been cleaned aside from dusted.

16" Zildjian A, I bought this cymbal from a man who was selling all of his son's stuff after he left for college. There is no text on this cymbal aside from the Zildjian engraving. It's 16" but it's heavy like it would be a ride. I have played this once and never touched it again.

I would like $550 cash for all of these. Willing to separate but would prefer to sell them as a lot.

I am downtown.
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