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Moms Music Store blog..

I started a blog for Mom's Music.
The writing on the page pertains only to the Louisville store.
The main focus of the blog is the education program at the store, private lessons, Rock School, and the Weekend Warrior Program.
If you have a family member that takes lessons at the store the blog will be a great family friendly public site for almost daily updates of all things related to the education program.

In the blog you'll find...

-Teacher Profiles with extensive information on the teaching staff including teaching methods, musical history of that particular instructor, formal music education information, and a list of materials (books and such) that they use in their cirriculum. I throw in a photo and an "odd fact" and write in my own style so it's personal and not like a goofy press release.

-Information about store hours, store closings, holidays, and special events like clinics and closed door sales. (Note: These posting will not consist merely of a sales flier.)

-Reviews by sales staff and customers of new products we begin carrying.

-Notices when stock becomes available, all the drummers can look forward to the "We got our drum head shipment in!" posts! :) As well as notices about cool consignments and things we are going to be throwing up on e bay.

-I'll cover bands that are recording in our recording studio and let you know where you can pick up the finished product if you're interested.

So basically, the main focus of the blog is the education department but it's also a realistic look into working at a small locally owned musical instrument store, with lots of photos, short stories in the "day in the life of..." vein, and important information for people that frequent the shop as well as prospective students that want to see what it's really like before they sign up.

Although the store has a web site and the drum shop has a My Space page I felt that people, especially parents of students, needed a truly family friendly web space to find frequently updated and more PERSONAL information to help foster the feeling of the store as a community and not just another retail center.

If you'd like to check it out, or follow the blog, or give me suggestions please do so. You can find the blog at the following web address...
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